We are closed Monday and Wednesday for Corporate catering events
Friday we are open in the Rancho Bernardo location for
pick-up and delivery 4:30-8:00
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday we are open for Dine in and 
take out at 067 Eatery in Rancho Santa Fe 5:00-8:30 (858) 832-8150


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Olive & Spice is a culinary adventure inspired by Sushi on the Rock. We offer creative, innovative and eclectic cuisine from around the world. We have catered for the MLB, NHL and NBA.  We have a long list of celebrities, athletes and businesses that indulge in the amazing food, presentation and outstanding service. We are thrilled to be sharing a beautiful state of the art culinary kitchen to bring the Sushi on the Rock experience through take out and delivery. For intimate dinner parties and large events, Olive & Spice is sure to deliver exactly what you envision.  Visit us at www.oliveandspicecatering.com


Executive Chef RobertCassidy

Chef Robert Cassidy, grew up in the greater Los Angeles area, he moved to San Diego to pursue a career in Firefighting but soon realized while working as a Sushi Chef apprentice, he discovered his passion for Asian cuisine. Since 2001, Chef Rob has been dedicated to SOTR with honest passion, and innovative techniques. His culinary flair continues to impress delivering unique dishes and creating a variety of sauces that are unparalleled. 


“Being behind the sushi bar for 20 years has been an incredible journey. I have had the opportunity to learn, grow, train, mentor and most of all have met some of the most amazing people who have become family to SOTR. During the last year the challenges we have all faced is unfortunate, this shift is a new chapter and I am looking forward to putting all of my focus in the kitchen and being able to continue to create a new platform for this industry.”





11035 Technology Place

Suite 600

San DIego 92127

Monday - Closed

Tuesday - 067 Etery 

Wednesday Closed

Thursday 067 Eatery

Friday 4:30-7:30 Take-out

Saturday 067 Eatery

Sunday 067 Eatery

(858) 451-4712

Salmon sushi nigiri in chopsticks over b


Head over to our Catering Site for our extended cuisine menu.


OLIVE & SPICE brings our expertise to your home, office, or event space, giving you the freedom to enjoy top-quality meals without effort. Our Drop-Offs are guaranteed to take your tastebuds on an epicurean journey that you will never forget. For a meal to remember, have us serve you or your guests the food you truly deserve.